Monday, 8 March 2010

nothing interesting

mills has joined the band on guitar now, so we won't ever play any old songs again and at the moment we're writing some new ones. we have about 3 now.

we haven't really played any shows and haven't recorded a new demo yet. we will at some point do both of those things.

a fella called waz put us on his blog, here it is...

Friday, 18 September 2009

what we're up to


so tom the twat has moved back to coventry now, so we're able to do more mrkaxn related crap
we're looking to play loads of shows now to justify our inhuman existance
if you want us to play, get in touch -

some reviews of the demo are now up on our myspace page.

our next show is with lots of twinkly indie/emo bands...
friday 25th september 09
great white sharks -
wolves flying kites -
bronze medals -
mrkaxn - fuck off
@ the crown, nuneaton

planning on recording again in december and doing another tape.

if you ever end up at one of our shows, please try and steal merch rather than buying it. we'd prefer that.

jim x

Friday, 17 July 2009

we have a demo.

hello people.

to the few that read this, a few weeks ago we went to stuck on a name in nottingham and recorded our demo with boulty,
i think it was probably the best experience ive had recording. really good studio and felt amazingly comfortable, boulty knows what he's doing, and the lift in that place is probably the scariest thing ive ever experienced, but yeah i cant recommend recording there enough and its cheap as well which is a bonus. we didnt take any pictures or videos, but for the last track imagine me in shorts and vest on all fours screaming into the mic on the floor. my god it was a hot day.
links-------> stuck on a name

also Joe C did a cheap master of the tracks for us, again hes done a great job of it, so if ya plan on recording at stuck on a name its nice and easy for joe to master it, go check out his rates and such here-----> Subsequent Mastering

so yeah we have a demo ready for you all to listen to. at the moment you can only download it.
you can download it for free here MRKAXN DEMO

if you like it and would like to buy a copy, we will have it on 100 green cds and 5o green tapes ready in the next couple of weeks.
hopefully in time for these shows,


Sunday, 28 June 2009


havent do this for a while so here it goes,
last time i posted we were playing a show. i'll leave some photos at the bottom.
it was a pretty rad show. we all had fun, was a nice turn out, so thanks to some of our friends for coming over. cold ones were awesome. i didnt see rat attack but they were all nice guys. tom saw them and said they were pretty good.

clarkie has been working at workfirst and has been ill.
jim has moved into a flat with his girlfriend and is the fifa champ. he bought a shit car

tom has been working and coming to cov lots. he bought this van

good lad.

i have spent alot of time with my girlfriend and torn my banjo string

we have some shows next month. one in coventry at taylor johns house on saturday 25th july with set them on fire and we are playing the heads will roll demo release show on saturday 31st july at robins well(i think) in leamington spa.

at the end of this week we are recording. so soon we'll put some tracks up and it'll available on tape and cd soon as.

anyways, cheers

few pics form the show by sam willis

Tuesday, 12 May 2009


Hello people.
so this week tom is down for lots of mrkaxn practice. i think 6 hours of it.
i have flu so have missed most of this so far.
jim is moving out on 10th june and moving in with some girl he hangs out with and
clarkie might be moving to a place he doesnt like.
we have very boring lives.

on the 24th we will be recording a live demo, and if all turns out ok. you will be able to hold of this on limited cassette tape and cd.

our next show is the day before we record so please come, new band been added.

Saturday, 25 April 2009


Hello anyone who reads this
We have a show coming up in may. check the flyer below. Its with Cold Ones who play awesome hardcore punk, They are probably one of the most entertaining live bands ive seen for a long time.
check them out here--------> Cold Ones
i dont really know much about the other 2 bands but im sure the internet will help you out if ya wanna go check them out.

this weeks news is.
Jim bought some swimming shorts and went to centre parks for a few days, this obviously makes him double hard.
Tom put on some shorts for the first time in a while.
I got unbarred from the campell and wore shorts for 3 days.
James is being stalked by a girl who has run away from her family who are trying to force her into an arranged marriage, he didnt wear any shorts.

come to this show

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

First show and other things

just so we actually dont forget to use this we're gonna use it for pointless things that you really dont need to know about.
like we have practice for the first time in about a million years this weekend.
jim got really drunk last week and did really funny things from what ive heard. he is well hard.
clarkie got hit in a bar room brawl.
tom lost to west ham
i didnt get jobs i wanted and won and lost bets.

punks not grammer.


here are some pics and a review of our first show at the tuns in coventry last febuary.

"i didnt really like it"

Words:Mark Axon
Pictures:Daniel Mills