Thursday, 26 March 2009

No demo, no shows, no ambitions...

so finally we are a band, of sorts.
Our name is MRKAXN, pronounced markaxon
we used to be in /are in other bands, but this is a new one. if you know us you'll know we're from Coventry except for tom cos' he lives in the city of shit that is sheffield.
we play fast and slow songs with the main theme to lyrics being about a bipolar overweight man who hates alot of things.
Is that a concept????
so yeah , we havent recorded yet, but are looking to do it soon, so we'll inform the world as soon as that gets done, so you can all hate us a wee bit more.
but if anyone knows of any shows or would like to put us on then please do so. email us at

this week clarkie got a hair cut from an irish man with a mullet and then made some rice crispy squares. He also spent a good part of a day scanning all his grandads photos from the past 25 years on to the computer. He thought he was just going round to move some boxes, he's now looking at 30,000 pictures to scan.

tom has made some artwork for the Humble Hoax and also spent 60 hours playing football manager. he's pissed off with with alex ferguson cos' he's been trying to poach all his young talent and its been upsetting the harmony in the dressing room.

jim turned 23 and went to the Peak District with the girl he hangs around with. He probably did something to be a hard man while he was there.

I went to the campbell for the first time in 3 months and got barred for a few weeks for spitting a drink all over someone. As well as throwing a a pint glass into the dance floor and having a piss at the uptairs bar while ordering a drink.
I#i'm hard.
I've also been looking for a new job and reading books. I read apples by Richard Milward and I'm now reading his new one called ten storey love song

tell all your friends.