Friday, 17 July 2009

we have a demo.

hello people.

to the few that read this, a few weeks ago we went to stuck on a name in nottingham and recorded our demo with boulty,
i think it was probably the best experience ive had recording. really good studio and felt amazingly comfortable, boulty knows what he's doing, and the lift in that place is probably the scariest thing ive ever experienced, but yeah i cant recommend recording there enough and its cheap as well which is a bonus. we didnt take any pictures or videos, but for the last track imagine me in shorts and vest on all fours screaming into the mic on the floor. my god it was a hot day.
links-------> stuck on a name

also Joe C did a cheap master of the tracks for us, again hes done a great job of it, so if ya plan on recording at stuck on a name its nice and easy for joe to master it, go check out his rates and such here-----> Subsequent Mastering

so yeah we have a demo ready for you all to listen to. at the moment you can only download it.
you can download it for free here MRKAXN DEMO

if you like it and would like to buy a copy, we will have it on 100 green cds and 5o green tapes ready in the next couple of weeks.
hopefully in time for these shows,